MYSQL Database Generator

This is a free online tool that allows to create MySql Database Schema. The application is build in such way so creating database tables is intendet to be easy, fast and cool.

As php developer with more than 10 years experience, I have built a lot of databases for different projects. Entering data for tables is pretty boring with the existing applications like Phpmyadmin or Mysql Workbench, so I decided to create a tool that will do the job faster.

Based on the field names provided, application will try to guess the corresponding data type and other column settings. Examples: for all fields ending in '_at' like 'created_at' system will assign TIMESTAMP type with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default value, fields starting with 'is_' like 'is_featured' system will assign 'BIT(1)' UNSIGNED, price: DECIMAL(10,2), username: VARCHAR(100) with UNIQUE key and so on. There are other rules and they can be extended easily.

In current version it is possible only to create database tables. I hope you will enjoy it, please contact me if you experience any issue or if you have ideas how we can make it better! Please note that Foreign keys and unique constraint for multiple columns is not supported yet.

- Use 'Tab' and 'Shift+Tab' to move on next or previous field
- 'Enter' key will trigger 'Save Table' action
- Once you create at least one table, then you can generate and fill it with testing data
- At any time you can Export the Database by clicking 'Export Schema' button.

Database Schema Builder

Data Generation Progress